Our Sustainability Story

For more than 30 years ASAMS has developed its reputation for accuracy, reliability and professionalism with friendly service. One of the next goals is to develop our focus on sustainability. This means addressing the impact that ASAMS has on the environment and society.

As one of the UK’s leading metallurgical laboratories, we believe that reviewing our practices such as our carbon footprint, water usage, community development efforts and team diversity will have a positive impact to drive our business. Our focus is to “Do well – run a profitable business” and “Do good – influence social and environmental problems in a positive way”. We believe that this should enable us to continue to support clients in line with their sustainability goals.

Sustainable Metallurgy

We probably all recognise that metallic materials have been critical to human development over thousands of years. The unique properties of metallic materials mean that significant demand is forecast to continue. The processes to extract and manufacture these materials are energy, resource and waste intensive. Dependent on the material, significant savings in energy can be achieved by recycling metals and there is a large focus within industry on creating a circular economy, where resources are continually reused and recycled. There are also great efficiency savings being made with near-net shape manufacturing methods such as additive manufacturing and metal printing.

Although the material testing part of the manufacturing process is a small component of the supply chain, it is important that all parts of the supply chain contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the process.

Some examples of what we are doing at ASAMS to have a direct and indirect impact on sustainability in metals testing are:

  • Any waste produced by ASAMS is sorted and separated to ensure as much waste material is recycled as possible. In excess of 95% of waste produced by the company is currently recycled.
  • We work with clients to enable them to develop increased product. longevity by ensuring materials exhibit the correct properties. We also ensure that test pieces are extracted efficiently, minimising any waste produced.
  • The ASAMS laboratory in Great Yarmouth uses green heating solutions and 30% of the energy used by the company in 2020 was from renewable sources.
  • It is our intention to convert the company fleet to all electric vehicles by the end of this year.
  • The move to electronic reporting has saved paper and the resources required to deliver hard copies of reports to the client.
  • ASAMS has begun the journey to gain accreditation to ISO 14001, along with ISO 45001, we hope to complete the accreditation process by the end of 2021.

Every year ASAMS supports the community and in recent years has donated funds to local sports teams, Cancer Research and Nelson’s Journey, a charity that supports bereaved children. Most recently we have supported the Great Yarmouth Food Bank, The Salvation Army “Toy and Tinsel Appeal” and Norfolk Headway. All staff get involved to decide which organisations to support as it is a key part of the staff engagement culture.

“The effect the company has on the environment and community around ASAMS is an important part of what the company does. As a company with over a 30 year history, it is important to create a long-term sustainability culture.” Thomas Whiskin - Director


2021 Sustainability Updates

smeclimatehub-dark-small.pngIn September 2021 we installed an electric vehicle charging point on site to allow staff and visitors to charge whilst visiting us - representing another step forward for ASAMS’ ongoing sustainability campaign.

December 2021also saw us pledge our sustainability commitment by signing up to the SME Climate Hub, a global initiative aimed at helping small and medium sized businesses deliver on their climate goals - including halving their emissions by 2030 and achieving net zero by 2050 - in line with the United Nations’ Race to Zero campaign.


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