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ASAMS Managing Director, Thomas Whiskin and Business Development Manager, Jamie Podgers, visit Cranfield University

Cranfield University, renowned for its cutting-edge research and development in engineering and manufacturing, provided an invaluable opportunity to explore their testing laboratory, welding facility and pioneering work in metal additive manufacturing.

The tour was led by faculty members who shared detailed insights into their latest projects and evolving technologies that have significant implications for various industries, including aerospace and automotive among others.

In addition to exploring the facility, we also enjoyed insights on VR welding technology, visiting the ESAB tour truck and latest developments from WAMM3D.

We also learned more on the range of post graduate courses offered by Cranfield University, of which ASAMS Metallurgical Technician, Anya is currently undertaking.

asams cranfield 1ASAMS Managing Director, Thomas said "The visit to Cranfield University was incredibly enlightening, as a graduate of the university, seeing the latest advancements in metal additive manufacturing and interacting with the talented students was inspiring. It is clear that Cranfield is at the forefront of this transformative technology, and I am excited about the potential collaborations and innovations that will emerge from their work."asams cranfield 3

The visit highlights the importance of staying connected with leading academic institutions and also reinforces ASAMS commitment to fostering innovation and supporting the development of future industry leaders. The insights gained from Cranfield University will undoubtedly inform and enhance ongoing efforts in advancing manufacturing technologies.

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