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ASAMS undertakes Creative Swiping exercise for continuous improvement

As part of our continuous improvement strategy and in the pursuit of operational excellence, ASAMS took part in a Creative Swiping exercise to learn about and identify ideas employed by other businesses that could be enhanced and utilised within ASAMS.

ASAMS Laboratory Manager, Ziggy Cooke and Line Manager, Jordan Plane attended the site of Snap-on Tools to “Creatively Swipe” ideas that would improve processes or systems at ASAMS. During their trip notes were made and learning points were created for discussion of their merits and how they could be integrated into our systems and monitored and reviewed for performance improvement tracking.

Ziggy said “The team at Snap-on tools made us feel very welcome and it was great to get an understanding of their management structure and systems.”    

Jordan added “It was good to get an understanding of how a large company like Snap-on operates from the ground up. We were welcomed by the team at Snap-on which made a free flowing valuable experience enjoyable.”

The Creative Swiping exercise affirms our commitment to continuous improvement and enables us to deliver Amazing Service, Accurate Measurement and Satisfaction guaranteed.

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