Fischer Feritscope FMP30

Fischer Feritscope is a non-destructive method for measuring the ferrite content of austenitic and duplex stainless steels. The technique can be used on parent materials and welds. The Feritscope uses the difference in magnetism between the austenite and ferrite phase to quantitively analyse the percentage of ferrite phase in the microstructure local to where the reading is taken. The Feritscope can report results in both percentage ferrite and ferrite number.

Testing can be carried out on the materials surface or a prepared cross-section and it is recommended that the surface be clean and prepared to a good machined finish or a 50-200 grit polished finish.

The testing is available under our UKAS accreditation when carried out in-house by our technicians using our procedures. The unit is also available for hire and full training is provided on how to use the unit. Please contact us to discuss our rates for testing and hire.

The manual for the Fischer Feritscope FMP30 is available below or by clicking on the image to the right.

Fischer Feritscope FMP30

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